Anna is a carbon-based lifeform of the female variety. She has a fascination with art, comics, trees, cephalopods, yarn, swirly things and noodles, though not necessarily in that order.

This is where she likes to dump her doodles, share things she finds interesting, collect inspiration, and very occasionally ramble about stuff.

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Edible Image!

So I just started a blog called Edible Image, just for collecting really awesome food illustration. Sure there’s a ton of gorgeous food photography on tumblr and there’s fuckyeahanimatedfood, but none for food illustrations?

Literally just started it this morning, so there isn’t a ton on there yet and I haven’t gotten around to making it look nice, but feel free to follow or maybe even submit stuff you find!

I’ll probably reblog my own food stuff on there, haha. I may start a blog for just my own food art at some point.

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